Wheel mark, type approval and test reports.

We recenbtly got a question on the Q&A page asking us to clarify the if our products were wheelmarked and type approved.

We have been discussing this, but clarifying this once again makes no harm.

“Short answer is no and yes. But a good explanation takes a few more lines. Units we market, like “something to NMEA converter” (A8N, L1N etc) or NMEA/Ethernet interface (CN8E) cannot be wheelmarked on their own. The reason is simply because these devices are not listed in the MED and as a consequence cannot be wheelmarked on their own.

We have a long experience from type testing and various type approvals since long before the MED came inte force and we are convinced that is necessary for our customers to take care of this.

To solve this, we have done third party environmental testing to IEC 60945, like EMC (expensive!), temperature/climate, vibration, CSD etc and we will make test reports available as required. In addition to this, we will issue necessary certificates of compliance for things like Mould growth or Corrosion resistance. In some cases we also have old-fasioned national type approvals (“Baumusterprüfbescheinigungs“). Our intention is to make it a simple routine task to make our interfaces appear in various system supplier’s certification.

So although we have to answer no to the first question, we have gone as far as possible to give the best possible support to our customers.

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