Order & Pricing

Orders and terms of business
The business idea is to provide superiour and cost-efficinet solutions to our customers. Our main task is to design, market and produce marine electronics!

To keep this situation, it is our intention to deliver to system suppliers, installers or navigation system manufacturers, but not to single ships. For our volume products we will not deliver smaller numbers than about ten units and our main business idea is to deal with customers that are aiming for yearly volumes of at least 100 units. We will of course have some flexibility in this, especially during delivery ramp-up.

For smaller quantities we recommend Marinelektronik, located in Stockholm, Sweden. They have most units in stock and also probably have the best experience about marine interface products that is to be found anywhere! If they cannot solve your problem, it would indeed be very difficult to solve at all!

Payment and delivery terms
New customers need to pay prior to delivery. We will issue pro forma invoices on request.

For customers with which we have an ongoing business relation, we will invoice at delivery per 30 days net. Our interpretation of “30 days net” is that the payment should be on our account on the 30th day after the invoice issue date.

Shipping costs are added. In general, we have found DPD to be cheap and efficient, but we have accounts with major air express carriers.

Guarantee terms
No other guarantee obligations other than those explicitly agreed with our customers apply. We will replace or repair any unit that was defective as a result of manufacturing or design process. We would require any defective units to be returned to us and we will not undertake to ship repaired or replaced units to other shipping adresses than the original shipment address of the customer unless agreed otherwise.

We will not take any responsibility of any kind for the secondary effects of malfunction or misuse of our equipment in any way. A ship has to be navigated with caution under the responsibility of its crew in such a way that malfunction of a unit or a system can be detected and other means used for safe navigation!