CN8E 8 channel NMEA / CAN to Ethernet interface

This unit is mainly designed for use in VDR, S-VDR, ECDIS or other brigde integration systems, where it is desirable to bring a number of NMEA channels into a computer. The small size of the unit makes it possible to place within the case of the main system or to place it close to the source of the NMEA data to minimise cabling.

It uses UDP to transfer each NMEA sentence on the network, being compliant to IEC 61162-450. Software for test and evaluation as well as support for our customer’s software design is available as a python scriptĀ here. Python means that it should be possible to use the test utility in virtually any platform or OS written.

The manual in pdf format is available here.

Since the units by it’s nature requires integration with our customer software systems, we would be happy to supply also C source code and/or to take part in any required software development.

Type approval testing according to IEC 60945 is done and test reports are available on request.

the CN8E has two full feature bidirectional NMEA channels with free choice of baud rate, it has six more NMEA input channels for 4800 or 9600 (more common than we thought) baud operation and also a CAN port, that will transfer complete CAN frames (which may be NMEA 2000, SAE J1939 or any industrial CAN protocols) via UDP.

Set-up is done via a browser interface, and there are extensive functions for filtering of CAN data. Automation CAN systems can sometimes result in high data rates. This is normally not a problem with a 100 Mb/s network, but we have found that it is very easy to completely overload other system “downstream” of the network.