S2N, efficient unit for converting Synchro/Stepper gyro signals to NMEA format.

S2N is designed to be an extremely high performance gyro converter, fulfilling not only the IEC 60945 and IEC 61162-1 and -2 standards, but also all applicable requirements on gyro repeaters, including the IMO HSC requirements on update rate of up to 50 Hz and tracking of 20 degrees/sec.

The ability to fulfil those requirements for all common synchro and stepper formats including also 1:1 synchro while maintaining 0.1 degree inaccuracy makes the S2N totally unique on the market.

In response to installer’s needs, a trunnion mounting set has been developed.

We are focusing on system AIS/VDR/Integration suppliers/installers with sufficient technical skill for installation, but we would of course be flexible to supply smaller quantities for evaluation/testing and during volume ramp-up.

The unit is also sold in smaller quantities by¬†Marin Elektronik, the well-known “furry animal supplier”, who will also be able to supply interface products and competent support for most thinkable and unthinkable, known and unknown protocols and formats.

The set-up possibilities of the unit are fairly extensive and the manual should be consulted. As far as we know and over the years, we have still not failed to interface to any known gyro.

Link to BSH approval.