CN8E, 1N4B and S2N news.

Predicting the market is among the harder things to get right. As we all know, much of what happens is controlled by IMO carriage requierements.

We were able to place ourselves fairly well for  “AIS gold rush” a few years ago with the gyro converter S2N and some other interfaces. The S-VDR also created some interface needs and there is some activity around the ECDIS and also the BNWAS. Dispite that these are known facts, the order intake towards the end of the summer anyhow took us a bit of guard, more or less depleting our stock.

After some intense work, we are now in a better position to serve customers with our products:

CN8E. This is a typical OEM product by its very nature, being part of other player’s integrated systems. We have a healthy stock and we are now shipping units with SW version 99061-0.1.18 with a number of changes:
– Default ip corrected to, rather than 176…
– New test/demo software for UDP communication, now a Python 2 script, possible to run on almost any conceivable platform.
– Further enhanced CAN settings.

1N4B. This unit is constantly beating its way to the ships, in most cases via service engineers. The constant increase of the complexity of the bridge equipment means that the load of existing NMEA channels gets higher and the 1N4B creates some valuable extra margin.

We have been very close to empty store for this unit, but we are now well stocked.

S2N. This unit was designed primarily to be a all-singing, all-dancing mother of all gyro interfaces. Since a couple of years, the market for this has been mature, where many of these are finding their ways to installations where the unit’s ability to produce 50 Hz update rate maintaining 0.1 degree inaccuracy also for navy-style 1:1 synchro outputs.

We are at the moment completely out of stock, but we will be re-stocked within a few weeks. The new production batch will have skightly larger cable glands (as a response to customer requirenents) and an updated SW 99002-0.6.5, where we have removed the possibility for SW upgrade via the NMEA port (a feature that hasn’t been used for a number of years).

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