CN8E News

Our octal NMEA/CAN/Ethernet interface is becoming an important building-block for various navigation elektronics project.

We are now releasing software version 99061_0_1_16 for this unit, featuring a number of new functions:

  • Inclusion of -450 header
  • Support for -450 four digit instance number
  • CAN bit rate setting to cope also with non-NMEA 2000 industrial CAN bus systems
  • Extensive CAN filtering
  • Improved NMEA, CAN and Network monitoring

It is obvious that typical systems using a CN8E unit in most cases are OEM products that requires close co-operation with our customers. This means that the focus is on software development, testing and mutual cooperation rather than just delivering boards!

To ease this, se have developed a new test utility, called “qeth”. In contrast to the previous Windows-based utility wn8e.exe, the new utility is written in Python, meaning that it should be possible to use on any platform, Linux, Windows, Mac OS or virtually anything invented.

Compared to wn8e, the data throughput is dramatically increased and the possible test data generation has been tailored to the new functionality

We are also making the source-code for this utility available to our customers.

We are currently working hard with new versions of the manual as well as modifying our website to reflect the added functionality.

We have a rather large number of units in prototype/test installations with various customers. We would be happy to aid in upgrading these to the new sw version. Please drop us a line and we would sort out if the simplest solution would be that we take the unit to us for upgrade or if we can find a better solution. In principle, new software can be downloaded through a TTL level serial port and a programming utility like Flash Magic.

Please stay tuned for more information and links!

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