N1E single channel NMEA/Ethernet revisited

We developed the single bidirectional channel NMEA/Ethernet device N1E a few years ago.

However, its 8-channel sibling, the CN8E quickly took over the market and we have delivered this in considerable numbers, both as a generic product and re-branded for OEM customers.

One everlasting problem with all interface units is that customers never really get satisfied. If we do a unit with two output channels, customers will ask for three or four, and if we design a unit with one set-up jumper there will be a request for more jumpers.

One obvious limitation with our design form factor is room for connection terminals, since there is an obvious dimensional  limitation on the number of possible cable connections!

So we focused on the CN8E and found limited use for the small N1E. However, we have learned that is some installations, the N1E is a simple method to accomplish an extra output in a very flexible manner.

We have now upgraded the software of the N1E to a similar user interface as the CN8E and we are ready to run production batches as required.

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